Working in a startup in the UK

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Are you a programming “ninja”? Are you constantly “evangelizing” new technology? Are you looking for work in the United Kingdom? I think we have what you’re looking for…

Before I go on, for those who aren’t familiar with Anglo-Saxon culture: here, what you know how to do is more important than your degree. UK companies place a lot of value on your prior work experience, much more than on the diplomas you bring along. I say this based on personal experience: I’m working as an “engineer” without officially being one, just because I had 10 years of experience in my company’s job sector.

Today, I’m going to show you a website with job offers in newly created small companies, known as startups.

The website for job offers from these new companies is, where you’ll find hundreds of offers for programmers, graphic designers, analysts, managers, etc. All kinds of offers, mostly to do with new technologies.

If you don’t speak English well, but you have a good background in programming and you think you could apply for a vacancy … DO IT! English isn’t as important as it seems in some professions. Employers know that in a few months your English will improve, which is why they hire many Europeans who don’t speak much English in the engineering sectors. Don’t miss the opportunity by looking for work in a bar or cleaning offices instead… if you have the training, get moving and apply for all the offers you can that fit your profile.

Currently, in the programming sector, the two areas with most IT and software work are Ireland and London, though you can find offers in other places.

Advantages and disadvantages of working for a startup

Not everything about a startup is perfect, and it’s important to know the conditions you’ll be working in…


According to a Harvard study, 75% of startups close within 3-5 years.
The salaries aren’t as high as in big companies.
Many people leave after a few months. Because of the small teams, the workload is heavy. The stress isn’t for everyone.


If you’re learning, this is the best place to get more experience. Everyone collaborates and helps move projects forwards.
Flexibility and innovation. In a new business, you can work in different areas, participate in various projects, and have flexibility. In a big company, many positions are so specific that they start to be boring and monotonous.
Risk has its rewards. If a startup is successful, your career will benefit from this and you’ll be in a position to move up in the company as it grows. And just think of the oldest employees of WhatsApp, who’ve become millionaires just because Facebook bought the company.

So take a look at the existing offers and get started:

You might as well go for it. It could change your life!

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