Why are UK sockets the best in the world?


Everyone knows people in the UK have different ways of doing things: they drive on the left, they don’t have euros, the taps are separated, and… their sockets are different!

I wasn’t planning on writing about them, as an adaptor solves all problems on arrival and I think it’s just a part of adapting to the country. We’ve all asked ourselves “Why don’t the British change where they drive/to euros/the taps/the sockets?” and with time you stop caring – you get used to it and don’t think about it anymore.

But I found this video, which talks about the benefits of British sockets: they’re the best, no doubt about it.

It has to be said that the UK is one of the countries that takes security most seriously. As soon as we arrive, we all notice they have smoke detectors in all buildings and houses, double doors for fires, well signposted roads (it’s easier to drive here), and a bunch of other useful things. And, of course, an individual switch for every socket.

You’ll also notice that the bathrooms don’t have sockets – just special ones for connecting automatic razors. For safety reasons, sockets aren’t allowed, to avoid accidents and electrocutions. That’s why having an extension cord at home will always be useful.

Finally, in case of emergency, there’s a way to use a European plug with a British socket: it consists of putting a stick into the earth connector. This is how you open the shutters protecting the other two holes (the ones through which the current flows) and then connect the plug. It’s still a bit difficult to do as the holes are more rectangular, but in the end it works. Of course, don’t get into the habit… safety comes first and when you do this, there’s no ground connection and you can get a shock, the appliance might not work well, etc.

But don’t worry, you can find European-UK adaptors for plugs on the Internet or in many shops.

An example of what you SHOULDN’T do, although it works
An example of what you SHOULDN’T do, although it works

Have you had any problems with “normal” things in the UK?

See you later!

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