Where should you live in London?


Are you thinking of moving to another area of London? Are you looking for an apartment, house or study near work? Where should you live if you like to bike? I think you’ll find the solution here.
The website FindProperty.co.uk has some interactive graphics that provide all the information you need to find the best neighbourhood for your accommodation in London. It is not really intended for people looking for shared rooms, as it is a real estate portal that offers studios, apartments and houses for rent. But if this is what you are looking for (and you can always gather together a group of friends to share a place) ,or even if you simply want to know which neighbourhood is better for you to live in, then this is your site.

The rent and commute balance

Generally you first look for an apartment and then you find a job, or vice versa. It is only rarely that everything happens at the same time. If you haven’t been in London for too long and you know for sure where you are going to work, this infographic will help you compare how much you’d spend on rent with time spent on commuting by public transport every week. Depending on if you are more interested on saving money or time, you can look for your perfect balance.

➜ findproperly.co.uk/commute-vs-price

What is the most expensive tube station?

I am not referring to the actual tube station, but the average price of rent in each station’s general area.

➜ findproperly.co.uk/tube-map

By bike or public transport?

Days with tube lines closed for construction… buses that arrive late… sweating on a bike… or maybe you have another way around the city. Depending on the area where you live (and how you move around) you will want to take this into account when deciding between neighbourhoods. This map shows which areas are more practical for people who use public transport and which are better for going by bike.

➜ findproperly.co.uk/faster-by-public-transport-or-bike

Best connected areas in London

Showing journey time from Underground, Overground and train stations.

➜ findproperly.co.uk/travel-time-map

Average rent prices by area

The map is in “square feet” rather than metres, but this doesn’t matter: what we care about is knowing which areas are most expensive.

➜ findproperly.co.uk/price-per-square-foot

Eating out, drinking, and nightlife

Because money is everything, you may also look for a place with plenty of restaurants and pubs. This map shows Yelp! ratings for all of London.

➜ findproperly.co.uk/restaurant-map

These maps should help you get an idea of your surroundings and figure out where you should live in London.

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