Websites where you can get free stuff in the UK


Changing city or country is always a big expense when you have to start from zero, but there are still ways to get stuff and services free anywhere in the UK. You have just to look properly online: the internet is a great tool.

Here’s a list of the main websites where people donate the things they have stopped using, want to get rid of or want to exchange:

1. Gumtree


The lead website for free ads all over the country. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job as a kitchen porter or spare bike parts, want to sell your car or find a room in a shared house. The website has dozens of categories and includes FREEBIES, where people offer sofas, pets or electrical appliances. Remember that you shouldn’t pay for anything over the Internet through Gumtree, because there are many scammers. Barring that, it is full of opportunities. Be sensible and make sure you pay in cash and in a safe place.

Advantages: No need to sign up. There are thousands of ads and it’s easy to use.
Disadvantages: The website can be a mess, the design is old and there are scammers.

2. Latest Free Stuff


Website for deals and coupons, where independent website offer leading brands, samples and discounts. No spam links and they make sure that you get what you order. The website is simple and updated every day with hundreds of offers.

Advantages: You sign up for the offer and you receive it. Everything is a certified product.
Desadvantages: Limited stock, shipments may take up to one month to arrive.

3. Listia


An interesting way of getting rid of things you no longer want is to get points for them and use those to acquire things that you need. This web is a portal of auctions of points and works in the following way: when you auction off your items, you receive points, and with these points you can buy other items that are advertised on the website. The trick is to offer multiple objects for a few points and accumulate in order to have the account “balance” to buy the expensive things.

By registering you get 1000 points to use on whatever you want.

  • Advantages: Money is not necessary, many users involved and variety of objects.
  • Disadvantages: Fraudsters have been reported, so it’s better to spend some money when objects are sent, to have the tracking numbers. On the contrary, the customer service on the website is very good.

Other sites that advertise “Free Stuff”

  • Preloved: Website of adds with a section of “freebies”, where people post furniture or items they don’t want and offer them free for whoever goes to pick up.
  • Started in the US. They try to group ads by communities or cities to help people give a second life to everything that is not used. The web is old, but has many active users.
  • For BRISTOL City: has a very important “free collector” section, as well as sections for job postings, reselling items and property.
  • Hot UK Deals: Deals, coupons, free samples and items—that’s what you’ll find here. With companies that promote products, shopping discounts and people who want to get rid of something.
  • FreebieList: If you do not mind signing up with all kinds of websites with your email address, this website lets you receive tons of free samples at home. They published “freebies” that include pet food, cleaning products, beauty magazines, discounts, etc. But I recommend you should sign up with an alternate email address, because the spam is very tiring.
  • Craigslist: Not everyone uses it, but this site is very popular in the English-speaking world, mostly in the US where it was started. All ads are classified, but there is a category of Free Stuff for various cities in the UK: London, Bristol, Bath, Birmingham, Brighton, Cambridge, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford. I’m not going to lie: it’s usually pretty bad, but can sometimes be a good alternative to Gumtree.

I hope you like the selection and save a few pounds, too. 🙂

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