Watching films and TV series online in English with subtitles

movies in english online with subtitles

You are already in the UK, and your English is okay but… it needs improvement. A good way to do this is watching films online in English with English subtitles.

Another reason to watch TV series and films online is because many of us don’t have TV at home. Whatever the reason, here are some sites for online streaming:


  • LOVEFILM: one of the best LEGAL systems that allows you to watch films online (some with subtitles, some not) and to receive the DVD or BluRays directly to your home, in which case subtitles will be available. It is a monthly subscription starting at £5/month. Only available in the UK. [With you can avoid the geographic restriction]
  • NETFLIX: my first option and the one to which I’m subscribed. The price is £6 a month for ALL the films and series online you can watch. A significant number of them are subtitled. Only available in the UK.
  • BBC iPlay: eight channels of public television. It is possible to activate subtitles. Only available in the UK.
  • FimSubs: a Russian site (or blog) with the films in English, including subtitles. There aren’t as many films as in the other websites but it works and it’s free.
  • Peliculator: another links site. All the films are in original version with English subtitles.
  • a Russian website in English, in HD with no downloading option, easy to use and with very good films and the best American and British films and series in OV with English subtitles. Free for one hour a day, but if you subscribe, for 10€ you get three months of unlimited access. My favourite and the one I use the most.
  • Glow Glaze: films in English with English subtitles.
  • films and documentaries in OV with English subtitles.
  • HD Movie Zone: the films have subtitles in several languages.


  • CHANNEL 4: allows you to watch their six channels online. Only available in the UK.
  • BLINKBOX: an online video shop without subscriptions; you pay for what you watch, and it can be expensive for those used to pirate sites. The good thing is that it has a section of FREE films in exchange for small advertising breaks. Their prices start from £1 but the average is between £3 and £4.
  • a payment platform like the previous ones, this offers the possibility of renting from £1 or subscribing to a selection of films and series for £4.99 a month.
  • TVCatchUp: this is a combination of the UK’s TV channels: BBC, Channel 4, ITV and more, up to 50.
  • FilmOn: a portal where you can watch the channels from the UK and other countries live. Highly recommended.

If you know any more, please share in the comments!

PS: If you want to use a website from another country, you can always try to change your computer’s IP with another proxy, like FilterByPass. 😉

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