Traveline, the easiest way to avoid getting lost while travelling on public transport in the UK


The worst thing about going to live in another country is arriving and learning how to get to places, in addition to getting used to its public transport. And in addition to the fact that you seem stupid if you don’t immediately understand the routes, schedules, and services… Basically, in the United Kingdom there are several bus companies in each area and different train companies according to the destination and routes, so you tend to feel more lost.

To avoid all these rookie problems, I use the website, which shows you all the options for trips from point A to the point B you choose. For all kinds of transport: train, buses, walking, ferries, etc.

It’s very easy to use: you insert the origin and destination (whether it’s a specific station, a postcode, or a tourist destination), you select the departure (or arrival) dates, and the website gives you the different options and paths you can take to reach your destination.

It’s completely free, and there are also apps for smartphones. Download it, and it’ll save you more than once.

I prefer the traveline version for the South West area. Although it’s an older design, it’s easier for me to use. Maybe because I’m used to it.

As traveline has a lot of websites, you can look at the routes according to the area in which you live, but all of them work the same. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the northeast traveline to look for a trip in Wales – you’ll find it anyway.

Other traveline websites:

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