The most extravagant Airbnb accommodations that you can find in the UK

Surely, many of you may know about the website Airbnb, but for those who don’t, we’ll explain it quickly here. Airbnb is a kind of social network where you can post, discover and rent homes. The company is American and puts hosts who rent their house or apartment (or part of it) in contact with potential guests who are looking for accommodation. The web acts as an intermediary and, in order to make a profit, offers insurance to both parties, charging guests 3% and hosts between 6% and 12%.

Currently, you can find more than 2 million properties in more than 192 countries on this website. There are many people who are tired of the blandness of hotels and choose this option when they travel, so many that since the creation of the website, there have been more than 80 million bookings. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the best and most unusual accommodation in the UK—perfect choices for your travels around the country.

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And now we’ll leave you with our list of the best Airbnb accommodations in Britain:

1. A tree house in the middle of nature

A tree house, Airbnb

This house is built in the treetops and has simple and comfortable furniture that creates a charming atmosphere. The house is very bright and has a wooded valley nearby where you can walk, and a protected cove as well. It hosts up to four people and has two bedrooms.

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Location: Solva, Pembrokeshire
Price: £70 per night

2. A Georgian House

Georgian House, Airbnb

It is a kind of perfect residence for artists, with many rooms for rent and studios where you can paint or sculpt. The rooms are usually double, with desks, free WiFi and overlooking the stunning gardens. An ideal place to connect with yourself and unleash your creativity.

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Location: Holt (near Bath)
Price: £55 per night

3. A train carriage with sea views


This house is built in a refurbished train carriage. The carriage dates from 1908 and has all the comforts of a normal house. It is located on the edge of Cardigan Bay, and has wonderful views of the sea. There aren’t any other houses nearby, so the neighbors will not be a problem. Access is on foot and the house can host up to 5 people.

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Location: Aberport, Wales
Price: £69 per night

4. The house of St. Pancras clock tower

The house of St. Pancras clock tower, Airbnb

This house is hidden inside the clock tower of St. Pancras Station. The apartment is a loft with various levels, brick walls, high ceilings, iron stairs and an extensive library. It’s a perfect place to relax after a long day walking around the British capital. It can accommodate 4 people.

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Location: King’s Cross, London
Price: £150 per night

5. A luxury houseboat

A luxury houseboat, Airbnb

With this accommodation you can enjoy the benefits of being in a big city like London and have the experience of living in a houseboat on the Thames River. The house, which is situated between the Chelsea and Vauxhall bridges, can host up to 4 people and has a pool on the pier, an ideal space for barbecues.

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Location: Battersea, London
Price: £149 per night

6. Sparrow House

 Sparrow House, Airbnb

It is a small house that is raised in an ash tree. From this point, you can enjoy the scenery that forms Falmouth Bay while having something to drink or walk through thesurrounding area. This cozy home can hold up to two people, and is perfect for a romantic getaway.

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Location: Helston, Cornwall
Price: £100 per night

7. A traditional Scottish castle

A traditional Scottish castle, Airbnb

Can you imagine living in a castle from the twelfth century? If you rent the Dairsie Castle in Scotland, you can do it for a few days. The castle can hold up to 15 people, but can also be rented for a specific event for up to 60 people. The building, which has a rich history, was a refuge for royalty and the site of military sieges. It also has dungeons, a large lounge and rooms with canopies. It’s perfect for a rural getaway with friends.

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Location: Fife, Scotland
Price: £500 per night

8. A gypsy caravan

A gypsy caravan, Airbnb

This original accommodation, although it seems small, is equipped with everything you need to have a pleasant weekend and connect with nature. The caravan is very quaint and nicely decorated. It also has a sort of cottage-lounge overlooking the fantastic rural countryside that surrounds the accommodation. It can accommodate 3 people.

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Location: Bush, Bude (Cornwall)
Price: £135 per night

9. An exotic loft in London

An exotic loft in London, Airbnb

The British capital is one of the main tourist destinations in the UK, but if you want to escape the typical hotels and stay in an exotic and original place, this apartment can be a good choice. The house, which can accommodate 3 people, is built in an old Victorian warehouse and decorated with Aztec elements and a Moroccan-style roof. It also has a film library beside the fireplace. A place that will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the capital.

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Location: London
Price: £135 per night

10. An ecological shelter

An ecological shelter, Airbnb

This accommodation is totally eco-friendly: energy is obtained from solar panels and the bathroom water is collected from the rain. The house has everything you need to spend a few days in the middle of nature: it has two stories, a large kitchen and a living room with a wood stove. Although it seems small, it can accommodate 9 guests.

Link to webpage
Location: Cardigan, Pembrokeshire
Price: £130 per night

Do you know any other unique Airbnb accommodations in the United Kingdom? Have you used the website on one of your trips? Tell us about your experience in a comment.

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