British Universities and Tuition Fees

Of all the Spaniards who come to Bristol every year, 15% study at the University of Bristol and UWE, either on an Erasmus scholarship or for an entire degree.** In total, there are more than 50,000 students from around the world living in the city. It is the same in other

What are the best UK universities according to their students?

When you’re going to study abroad, it’s normal to have quesions about the universities: which is the most prestigious? which has better facilities? parties? will I be able to find a job soon after graduation? Well, English speakers seem to really like lists about these things, so here arethe best universities

The Open University: distance learning in the UK

The Open University

We have explained more than once that university in the UK is quite expensive, over £9,000 a year. But if that discourages you from studying in the UK, you can consider a good alternative that is a little cheaper: The Open University, the distance learning university. I’m writing about this today