The 30 most unknown places in London

The Elephant and Castle, in London

In a society as seemingly “prim and proper” as the British one, sometimes you can find small acts of rebellion in the form of creative expression. Many cities have strange things that are worth visiting, and London is no exception. Statues, art, museums and even homes can offer some of

Book your visit to London’s Sky Garden for free

Seeing the historic centre of London from a skyscraper is always a pleasure, but not everyone can or wants to spend £25 for the ticket (as you have to for other famous buildings). Luckily for us, the new Sky Garden of London in the famous building 20 Fenchurch Street, better

Shopping? These are the best outlets in the UK

It's a fact that all of us want to save money on our shopping. So in this article we recommend you the best outlets in the UK, in places from Somerset to Scotland. The discounts they offer are well worth it, even if you might have to leave your current

90 things you can do for free in London in 2016

You want to keep saving money, right? Of course you do! That's why we have created this list of 90 things you can do for free in London. Yes, that’s right—without spending a single pound! The different activities are separated into sections so you can go straight to the ones

London Accommodation Map: Sharing vs. Affordability?

A few weeks ago London officially replaced Hong Kong as the world’s most expensive city to live in. So let’s talk about the typical dilemma between sharing and living alone in line with our budget... There is no perfect formula for finding the best location to live in in London. You

Camden Market: 8 things you probably didn’t know

One of the most famous shopping areas of London, known as Camden Market, Camden Lock or even Camden Lock Market, is located in the London borough of Camden. Camden Market is not just a place, but a set of markets within the city. These include: Camden Lock, The Stables, Canal

Where to find squirrels in London

Did you know that there was a day dedicated to squirrels? Whether it’s on that day or not, many of you probably like enjoying their company in one of London’s parks. We sure love spotting them, calling them and enticing them over with the help of a handful of peanuts...

10 of London’s most historic buildings

During the past 2,000 years, the people of London have built some of the most historic buildings in the world. These buildings, which were built centuries ago, have survived devastating fires and wars and were home to some of the most important people in British and even world history. Still