A Basic Guide to Living in London

London: the great jungle of classes, multiculturalism and hundreds of job profiles (and hundreds of expats, of course). We could define the city in a thousand ways, but if anything comes to mind first, it’s the phrase "rent through the roof ". Renting a room or an apartment in the

Why London isn’t the best place to immigrate to

Cosmopolitan, enormous, frenetic, modern, historical, full of opportunities… and the only city in England that some people know. That’s London. But today I’d like to ask whether it’s really worth it to go live in the capital. Six years ago, when I tried to start a new life in the UK

30 reasons to live in Oxford

The views, the parks, the bars, the history, the culture… why live anywhere else when you can live in Oxford? This university town has a lot to offer, from tranquil walks along the River Isis to a lengthy visit to the Ashmolean Museum. Are you going to miss out? After

Basic guide to living in Edinburgh

A beautiful view of Edinburgh

Over the past few years, more and more people have gone to Edinburgh in search of work. That’s why we at theUKister.co.uk think it’s a good idea to come up with a basic guide for all the expats who’ve decided to start a new life there. 1. General information about the

Basic guide to living in Manchester

Our basic guide to living in Manchester

The second city we’re going to talk about after Brighton. Before immigrating to Manchester, if you haven’t been to another city in the United Kingdom, read our 7 things you have to prepare before immigrating to the UK. Don’t forget to check how much it costs to live in the UK: