Finding seasonal work in the UK

Seasonal work as a waiter in the UK

If you want to find seasonal work in the UK, the Christmas, summer, or Easter periods are ideal as there are generally a lot of vacancies. Whether you’re looking for a temporary job because you’re only planning to stay in the UK for a few months or you just want to

The best- and worst-paid jobs in the United Kingdom

Which are the best and the worst paid jobs in the UK

We’ve already had a look at salaries in the United Kingdom and we all know that the mínimum salary is £6.50 per hour in the UK. But what happens when you find a job in your specialization? How much does a dentist or an IT technician make? What about a schoolteacher? Here’s a

Tips about CVs and how to apply for jobs in the UK

Looking for jobs in a newspaper

Today on Facebook, a fellow Spaniard Javier published a few very useful tips about his observations of how people look for work and hand in CVs. I thought I'd share it with those of you who aren’t familiar with these processes yet. Here is the translation of the original text: Hello.