Websites where you can get free stuff in the UK

Changing city or country is always a big expense when you have to start from zero, but there are still ways to get stuff and services free anywhere in the UK. You have just to look properly online: the internet is a great tool. Here’s a list of the main websites

90 things you can do for free in London in 2016

You want to keep saving money, right? Of course you do! That's why we have created this list of 90 things you can do for free in London. Yes, that’s right—without spending a single pound! The different activities are separated into sections so you can go straight to the ones

When are public holidays in the UK?

Another thing that makes the United Kingdom different from some other countries is that there are fewer official holidays, and of course this affects your annual holiday days when it’s time to plan, in addition to meaning that you can’t take extra-long weekends the way you can with public holidays