Fear of emigration

Going to live in another country is, without a doubt, a decision that will change your life, your way of being and of perceiving the world, as well as your relationships with family and friends. The experience is bound to have an impact: you will change, in most cases for

Why London isn’t the best place to immigrate to

Cosmopolitan, enormous, frenetic, modern, historical, full of opportunities… and the only city in England that some people know. That’s London. But today I’d like to ask whether it’s really worth it to go live in the capital. Six years ago, when I tried to start a new life in the UK

Emigrating is just going on a slightly longer trip

Since 2013, more than 100.000 spaniards emigrate every year, y though we don't have the oficial number since 2014, it will be probably the same. During the first half of the year, we get a few private messages and emails with questions or asking us for advice and information from everyone planning to come to the