An explanation of the British educational system

Every country has a different educational system from the others, and although there has been an effort in Europe to standardize it, everything changes when we talk about the United Kingdom. Today I’ll try to explain it, and believe me when I say that even after reading about the subject,

10 British inventions that changed the world

There have been some great inventors over the course of UK history. That’s why we want to review 10 gadgets that changed the world in some way. All are still being used today and almost no one knows their origin. 1. The sewing machine Thomas Saint invented and patented the first sewing

20 unmissable British TV series

Sherlock is one of the 20 unmissable British TV series

If you’re someone who goes through series on a weekly basis, episode by episode, and looks for more every day… I’m going to recommend you some British series that have become international hits (or should have done), and that you should watch. I really like films, but I’m even crazier

The 35 best British films in history

Snatch is one of the best British films in history

After publishing the list of the 20 unmissable British TV series, I still had to go through the best films in history. To tell you the truth, when I’m not writing articles, I spend my free time going to the cinema. I know there’ll be plenty of disagreements about the list: that