Londoners, an original boardgame where you can take over the city


Want to take over the city of London as if you were hipster, a cab driver, or a banker? Now you can do it with the new boardgame ‘Londoners. Fight for the city’. Put ‘Monopoly’ and ‘Risk’ away and play this game with friends or family on a rainy afternoon. Pick your favourite character from nine London stereotypes, and off you go!

Stef Wilkerson and Olly Lawder created this unusual game, where each player has a mission. You can be a bearded hipster who moves around the board being “cool”, a banker who tries to buy the entire city, or a modern mum whose main concern is the amount of kale her children eat. Other characters to choose from are: policemen, tourists, surburban residents, football fans, students, and cab drivers.

The creators started a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter in order to come up with this game: By the end of their campaign, they had collected £11,952, more than their target of £7.500. They managed to get 322 backers.

People who invested in this game were able to opt in for a personalized version where they could choose the neighbourhoods that appeared on the map. You could also have your name appear in the game. Another perk was having yourself made into a metal pawn in the game, using a scan of your face and 3D printing. This may seem a bit excessive, but this original and fun game undoubtedly leaves ‘Monopoly’ and ‘Risk’ far behind.

Londoners 2

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, go to and subscribe. The creators will let you know when you can buy the game.

Let’s play!

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