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GiffGaff Sims

Many Europeans residing in the United Kingdom have chosen giffgaff as their mobile company and the reason is very a simple: the network coverage is good because they use the O2 (Telefonica UK) network, but the prices are very low. Three is another popular network, but we’ll talk about that another time.

[UPDATE 15 NOV 2015 ]

But now it’s the time to talk about how to get the SIM.

If you don’t have your British SIM card yet, or you want to switch, we give you a code to receive it at home for free and when you put the first £10, you will receive £5 extra.

You only have to ask for it by clicking this link:

You will receive it in less than a week and you activate it online. If you haven’t arrived yet in the UK, you can provide the address where you are going to live some time before you leave, so you’ll have it when you arrive. You can request any type of a SIM: normal, Mini or Nano for iPhone5 / 6.

The new giffgaff SIM card comes pre-cut so that you can adapt it to your phone without any difficulty.

From now on, all giffgaff top ups include 4G Internet by default, unless you choose one of the last two options with 3G:

Rates in September 2015

Among the most interesting rates, you have the basic one for £5 one month (which I don’t recommend because it doesn’t allow much), but with one top up of £10 you have 500 min. of calls, unlimited SMS and 2GB of 4G internet for a month. We recommend making £10 top ups, so they give you the £5 free at the beginning. Plus the rate is very good.

Frequently Asked Questions about Giffgaff

Activate your SIM
Keep your English phone number when you switch to giffgaff
How to unlock your phone
Configure internet on your phone with giffgaff

I hope you find this useful. Bye for now!

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