Why are UK sockets the best in the world?

Everyone knows people in the UK have different ways of doing things: they drive on the left, they don’t have euros, the taps are separated, and… their sockets are different! I wasn’t planning on writing about them, as an adaptor solves all problems on arrival and I think it’s just a

Traveline, the easiest way to avoid getting lost while travelling on public transport in the UK

The worst thing about going to live in another country is arriving and learning how to get to places, in addition to getting used to its public transport. And in addition to the fact that you seem stupid if you don’t immediately understand the routes, schedules, and services… Basically, in

Indispensable apps that’ll make your life easier in London and the UK

Our lives haven’t been the same since the arrival of the Smartphone, but are you really making the most of it in the UK? Whether you live in the UK or you’re just visiting, today I’ll recommend you the best apps for your mobile phone that’ll make you life easier. Restaurants,

Emigrating is just going on a slightly longer trip

Since 2013, more than 100.000 spaniards emigrate every year, y though we don't have the oficial number since 2014, it will be probably the same. During the first half of the year, we get a few private messages and emails with questions or asking us for advice and information from everyone planning to come to the