13 absurd laws in the UK

You probably weren’t aware of it, but there are 13 ridiculous things that are illegal in the UK, like playing with snow in the street and cleaning your carpet in public. Want to find out more? Let’s have a bit of a laugh.

1. Playing with snow in the street


There is a ban on building ice or snow slides due to the Town Police Clauses Act of 1847. Goodbye childhood…

2. Gambling in libraries


The Law on Offences in Libraries of 1898 makes it illegal to use the reading room of the premises as a casino. How are we supposed to study now?

3. Wearing armor inside the Houses of Parliament


The Statute of 1313 that prohibits wearing armor also says that no one can enter in the Houses of Parliament with weapons. So, if you were planning to, don’t do it.

4. You cannot have a whale as a pet


All whales in the UK, living or dead, are technically property of the Queen. Sorry if you’ve always dreamed of having a whale at home.

5. You cannot take care of a cow if you’re drunk


The Licensing Act of 1872 prohibits drunk people from taking care of cows. That’s right, more rights for cows!

6. You cannot import potatoes in England or Wales if there is the slightest doubt they might be Polish


Defra was concerned in 2004 that there could be bacteria in the tubers. The law is still in effect. Inspect your potatoes carefully.

7. Pretending to be a ghost


In Portsmouth, a man posed as a ghost while shouting “Woo” near the cemetery. He was quickly arrested and fined for misconduct. That must have been fun!

8. Knocking on a door and run away


The game of knocking on someone’s door and running away is illegal because of the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839. Raise your hand if you’ve never done it…

9. Cleaning a carpet on the street


The above act also makes it illegal to hit or shake out any carpet on the streets of London.

10. You cannot get in a taxi if you have a rare disease


Cholera, smallpox and typhus are not welcome, according to the law on Public Health (Disease Control) Act of 1984. But if the taxi driver doesn’t mind…

11. Shooting a cannon near someone’s house


Under the Law of the Metropolitan Police of 1839, if you fire with a weapon with “higher calibre than a common shotgun ” within 300 yards of a house, you can be fined £200. Who the hell owns a cannon anyway?

12. You may not be drunk in a pub


Technically, the Licensing Act of 1872 makes it illegal for the owner of the pub to allow someone to get drunk there. It is also illegal to buy drinks for someone who is already walking drunkenly. This may be the most violated law on the planet.

13. Singing in the street


The Metropolitan Police Act of 1839 says it is illegal to “sing any song or ballad that is profane or indecent” in the street. So now that you know, go sing in the shower .

Do you know any other absurd laws?

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